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Hunter Specs

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Hunter Specs

Post by Adas on Sat Feb 06, 2010 1:50 pm

Survival: Most hunters with lower gear use this spec. Since it doesn't require very much haste, unlike Marksmanship, it is easy to have good dps without high level gear. Survival gives you Explosive Shot, Black Arrow, and Wyvern Sting. Explosive Shot will be the move that really increases your dps. It is important to use it whenever you get the chance. Wyvern Sting isn't used in raiding, so it isn't very important. Black Arrow is similar to Serpent Sting but it also increases your damage against the target. You should also use this whenever you get the chance, especially on boss fights. For a typical boss fight, your rotation should go Black Arrow-Serpent Sting-Explosive Shot-Steady Shot. Keep doing Steady Shot until Explosive Shot is back up. Also, make sure you keep Black Arrow and Serpent Sting on the boss constantly. And you Kill Shot immediately when it is available. I use a 1/18/52 build (, but there are multiple variations.

Marksmanship: Marks requires a lot of haste, hence why you need better gear to achieve a good amount of dps. Survival can out dps Marks, if the gear isnt as good. However, if you have very good gear, you will destroy a Survival hunter in dps. Marks offers a few different moves, Aimed Shot, Chimera Shot, Trueshot Aura, and Silencing Shot. Make sure Trueshot Aura is always on, since it increases your dps and everyone elses around you. Chimera Shot is a great shot that replenishes your Serpent Sting, so you only have to shoot Serpent Sting once if you do it right. Make sure you shoot Chimera Shot whenever possible. Also, use Aimed Shot in a similar fashion. Silencing shot isn't used in raids, so you dont have to worry about it. The rotation for marks is Serpent Sting-Aimed Shot-Chimera Shot-Steady Shot. Like in Survival, use Kill Shot whenever possible. There are also many different builds out there for Marks, but I have the common 7/57/7 build ( Also, Deadlysins' build 11/60/0 ( is another good one to try out.

BM: BM is hardly used in raiding since it isn't able to achieve as much dps as Survival and Marksmanship. However, the best build for BM in raiding is 53/14/4 ( It's rotation is simple; Serpent Sting-Multi Shot-Steady Shot and Kill Shot whenever possible.

Pets: Wolves are recommended for Survival/Marks hunters because of the buffs they have. BM hunters should use Devilsaurs.

Always use Hunters Mark!!!!!!

Ask me if you have any questions concerning specs. All specs can be adjusted to the player.

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