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Resto Druid Info

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Resto Druid Info

Post by Budo on Thu Feb 04, 2010 1:17 pm

Ok so yes I have resto as the second of my dual specs. I am able to heal reasonably well when it comes to 5 mans but when I get into raids I get a little overwhelmed at times probably because I don't use any healing mods. Yes its sacriligious I know Smile

Anyhow I thought I knew a thing or two about resto druids until I started looking through a bunch of webpages the last couple days in preparation for this post.

There is TON of information out there.

Here are the 2 pages that I found the most informative. Please let me know if you have any questions so we can ponder them together Smile Quite a lot of technical detail on how to calculate mana regen rates, haste effectiveness, etc. More than you ever wanted to know....but extremely thorough. A prettier site and a bit simpler to look through. Not as much detail for those who REALLY want to be in the know.

Am I going to respec, regem, reglyph my druid after looking at all this? Maybe.....but since I mainly go bear probably not. YMMV Smile

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