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Helpful Priest Information

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Helpful Priest Information

Post by Yelta on Wed Feb 03, 2010 5:22 pm

Here are some hopefully helpful Priest links. Currently this is limited to healing types of activity as my knowledge of doing damage is lacking.
I plan on updating this sticky so people can always find current information in the same place.
Addons you probably should have to raid:
Deadly Boss Mods
Omen Threat Meter

Healing addons you might consider:
VuhDo or HealBot or Grid and Clique combo

Yelta currently uses VuhDo, has used HealBot in the past but never managed to get Grid and Clique combo set up properly.

Elitist Jerks Priest Class Mechanics Forum

Read up on healing as Priest:
WotLK Healing Compendium v3.3

World of Warcraft Healing blog for Priests, Druids, Shamans and Paladins.
This is fun to read, and often contains useful tidbits like “In summary, 99% of the time, we know when you’re dying. Please don’t yell about it. “

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Shadow Priest DPS

Post by Budo on Mon Feb 08, 2010 4:23 pm

Ok I'll post my strategy at raid dps as a shadow priest and someone/anyone is welcome to post any improvements that might help Smile

My Spec is 14/0/57 and can be seen at

First of all, always make sure that you have you have the requisite inner fire and vampiric embrace up at all times in addition to the usual fort/spirit/shadow prot buffs on raid or you'll look like a noob Smile

My raid spell rotation is quite simple and puts out an easy 3-5k depending on how many mobs are being affected (which I think is quite reasonable given my level of gear which is all actually healing gear btw).

For multiple mobs in a cluster its quite simple. Pick the biggest target with the most health and Mind Sear until dead. Yes just one spell is all it takes. This works well for a few reasons. It generates a ton of damage throughout the cluster of mobs. It doesn't generate much threat on any single mob so not much danger of grabbing aggro. Its easy to pick a target (almost any mob will do as long as the tank has any aggro at all). Most importantly it's EASY and it gives that all satisfying plethora of damage numbers showing up all over the screen Smile.

For single targets, shadow word pain, devouring plague, mind blast, mind flay. Repeat mind flay whenever its about to expire unless one of the other dots is about to expire - renew mind blast when its up (after every second mind flay) and repeat devouring plauge when its about to expire (after every 3rd or 4th mind flay).

So yes I only have 5 primary buttons that take care of almost every raid situation excluding buffing up and shield and it seems to work well.

I'm sure there are better ways to get even more dps but this simple formula works for me and its all self developed so be kind in your criticisms (you know how sensitive I am) Smile

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