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What are your favorite Add ons?

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What are your favorite Add ons?

Post by Budo on Tue Jan 26, 2010 12:47 pm

Ok I'll start this up. Nothing new or spectacular in my add on collection. Just mods I've used for a long time. Reliable and useful.

ArkInventory - merges all your messed up bags into one big more messed up bag Smile

DBM - hopefully we all know what this is - raid warnings and more

Recount - a basic DPS/Healing/etc meter. Easy to set up, easy to read.

Outfitter - saves multiple outfits and swaps them easily. A lifesaver for dual speccing and anyone that has solo gear, raid gear, etc to swap between.

Titan Bar - try it, you'll love it

Decursive - Ok I can't figure out healbot but this is easy to use for all dispelling needs.

Atlaslootenhanced - Lists all major drops and vendor sets and has a great search function.

Questhelper - the best quest organizer and mapping mod out there (that I know of).

Thats all folks! If anyone has any suggestions on improved mods please let me know Smile

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Add ons I use

Post by kasimere on Tue Jan 26, 2010 2:17 pm

I use Curse Client as a add on updater and organizer. It automatically lets me know when mine are out of date. Very useful tool.

Ark Inventory: Bag assignment made easy.

NUI : User interface replacement for WOW. 100% stand alone.Try it Smile

DR Damage: displays average healing and dps based on your talents,buffs,gear etc. I use this along with DPS Time.

DPS time : helps improve dps by alerting you to missed casts times offering you a perentage of what you missed. Think of it as having a free permanent Heroism.

NPC Scan : Tracks rare mobs provides and alert and Map node.

Squawk & Awe : Druid buff and proc watcher.

Healbot : I use this on the druid and priest but have a separate one assigned to the pally. Takes awhile to figure it out but works great.

I think there are 2 more when WOW is up I'll edit this Smile

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Re: What are your favorite Add ons?

Post by Kaelkatar on Wed Jan 27, 2010 4:05 am

Unit Frames: X-perl
Action Bars: Dominoes
Bag management: Bagnon
Proc Watcher: Power Auras Classic (very complicated)

Raid stuff: Deadly Boss Mods, Omen, Recount


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Re: What are your favorite Add ons?

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